Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB

Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB MOD Download + Mobile DLC

Classic and retro games like Tekken 7 PPSSPP are loved by real gamers around the world. You will see many people going crazy over these games because they are fun to play and often let people remember their childhood. Gone are those days when gamers used to assemble in the shops and play classic games like Tekken with each other.

These days everyone prefers playing games on their computers, consoles, or mobile devices. This is the only reason why almost every game developing company is launching their games for smartphones. Streets of Rage 4 is another epic classic game that is launched for both Android and iOS devices.

Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB

In this post, we are talking about everything about this game and we have also provided links to do Streets of Rage 4 free download for Android. This game is launched just a few weeks before but millions of people have already downloaded it to play on their mobile devices. While the game features its classic side-scrolling gameplay, many new things are added to it.

The game is paid and you will have to spend around $7.99 on the respective app store to get it. Else, you can do Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB download from this page which is completely free. The installation files are made from the official game, so don’t worry about anything.

What Is Streets of Rage 4 Android APK?

Streets of Rage is a side-scrolling beat ’em up video game that was launched in 1991 for the very first time. Since the graphics and configuration of the devices were not too advanced back then, they featured very basic gameplay. Though gamers have access to some of the most advanced games right now, still millions of people are playing Streets of Rage 4 on their devices.

The game got a huge success all over the world, just like God of War 2 PPSSPP and sold more than 15 million copies already. It is developed by 3 different game development companies named Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games. Do play this game to have a different type of experience.

Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB

Streets of Rage 4 Gameplay On Android

If you have played or seen the gameplay of Streets of Rage games before, then you don’t have to know anything more about it. In this game, you and your partner have to fight against the enemies who come from one side of the screen. While moving ahead, the level of enemies will keep increasing and you will have to face different types of fighting moves, weapons, tactics, and many more.

The online version of this game can be played as a team of 4 and the offline version can be played by a maximum of 2 players. The latest version Streets of Rage 4 and 8 Ball Pool MOD APK includes many new things that aren’t available in the previous versions.

Streets of Rage 4 Full APK Features

Very Interesting Gameplay

Streets of Rage 4 has got pretty different gameplay than other retro games. If you have not played this game before then you must download it today to play it at least once. Gamers who are looking for some small and classic games to play will definitely enjoy this game as we do.

Play Online or Offline

As we have already shared above, this game features both online and offline versions. You can add your friends to the game and team up with them to play all together as a team. Or you can also play this single player as the game will add a random player to accompany you. Sending and receiving gifts from friends is also possible.

Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB

No Need To Spend Money

Since the game cost $7.99 on the Google Play Store and $8.99 on the Apple App Store, many people are not buying it. Here, we are providing it for free for Android OS devices along with all in-app purchases. You don’t have to spend any money on playing the game or buying anything in the game.

Works On All Devices

If you have an older Android device with low configuration, even then you can play this game. To run this game without any lags, you will need just 2GB of RAM and 4GB of space on your Android OS devices. Also, the graphics are optimized to display equally on all types of devices and the game’s settings panel allows further customization for smoother gameplay.

Completely Free & Safe

Don’t worry about anything while downloading and installing this game on your devices because it is completely safe. We’ve done Poke Abby download and played this game using the files on our own devices so you can play it too. Also, we are providing Streets of Rage 4 with no verification download links so you can get started easily.

Download Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB | Streets of Rage 4 Download For Android

We have shared pretty much everything about the Streets of Rage 4 game above and if you have read that, then you might have got an overview of it, just like the GTA 5 PPSSPP for Android devices. When you are ready, you can use the links mentioned below to do the Streets of Rage 4 download for Android.

You will have to download Streets of Rage 4 APK and Streets of Rage 4 OBB files because the game won’t run without any of them. You need to follow the APK installation procedure to get started with the game and if you have not done it before then we are here for the help. Once you have downloaded the installation files of the game, start following the steps mentioned below to install it.

  • Use the links mentioned above to obtain the Streets of Rage 4 installation files.
  • Save both of these files in your device’s Downloads folder to access them later.
  • Now you have to visit the Security Settings of your Android device.
  • Use the Toggle button to enable the option named “Unknown Sources”.
  • Go back to the folder where you have saved the downloaded files.
  • Click on the Streets of Rage 4 APK file and tap on the Install option.
  • Wait for the game to install but don’t open it once it is installed.
  • Use the Streets of Rage 4 OBB file to extract its data into the Android/OBB folder.
  • Now you can use the shortcut of the game created on the home screen to run it.
Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB

Streets of Rage 4 Mobile APK File Information

App NameStreets of Rage 4 APK OBB
File Size48.9MB + 1.34GB
Latest Versionv1.45
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
Last UpdatedApril 2023
Total Downloads30M+

FAQs Related To Streets of Rage 4 No Verification

Can You Do Streets of Rage 4 APK MOD Download For PC?

Yes, the Streets of Rage 4 game is available for all types of devices like Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and gaming consoles. You can visit your device’s app store to find the game or go to the Streets of Rage 4’s official website to find the download link. This game is paid for almost every device including Windows and you can download and run this APK on Android players to play it for free.

Is It Safe To Download Streets of Rage 4 MOD APK?

It completely depends on the website and portal you are using to do Streets of Rage 4 APK download free. Websites like us that verify each file before uploading are completely safe when it comes to downloading installation files of apps and games. Many portals, websites, and webmasters tries to lurk money from people by providing fake installation files.

How To Update Streets of Rage 4 2022 APK?

Once you have installed the Streets of Rage 4 game on your device, the app’s status will change in the app store too. But do not update the game from there else it will stop running and you will lose your data. Instead, visit this page again and download the game Streets of Rage 4 APK Data to install the updates yourself.

Streets of Rage 4 For iOS Available?

Streets of Rage 4 for iPhone and iPad can be found and downloaded right from the Apple App Store of your device. It cost around $8.99 on the Apple App Store and if you don’t want to pay for it then wait for us to upload the Streets of Rage 4 IPA file. You can follow the same installation procedure mentioned on this page to install this game on your iOS devices.

Where To Download Streets of Rage 4 Free APK?

Hundreds of websites are providing links to download Streets of Rage 4 APK + OBB files. Do not use any random website you come across as they might be unsafe and can offer fake files. Instead, you can rely on us to get this game as we have provided it for free and also it is the latest version Streets of Rage 4 game.

Streets of Rage 4 APK OBB

Final Words

This is enough of the information shared about the Streets of Rage 4 mobile game and you can obtain this amazing game’s installation files from this page to try your hands on it. Hundreds of games like Streets of Rage 4 are available on the internet but this game features a different kind of gameplay and that is why it is loved by gamers from all around the world.

You can keep visiting TechyKite if you want to get more updates about the Streets of Rage 4 Android APK and download the latest installation files. Those who are facing issues in playing this game or with the installation can ask us for help. Gamers can also submit their own review of this game to us so we can update this page with more information.

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