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Jump Force PPSSPP ISO + Mod Pack Zip File Download for Android

NameJump Force PPSSPP
File typePSP. Zip
Moded byYoga Gaprex’s
Developed bySquare Enix
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Do you enjoy playing fighting games with an anime theme? Then you should definitely check out the upcoming Jump Force PPSSPP ISO Zip File Highly Compressed for Android Mod Version now your favorite manga and anime characters will be combined in this game to create an original experience that will have you gripped from beginning to end. This game promises to be an exciting fighting arena where heroes will collide in a no-holds-barred brawl thanks to its stunning visuals, fantastic music, and numerous prospects for spectacular battles!

What Is Jump Force PPSSPP


Spike Chunsoft created the action-packed fighting game Jump Force, which Bandai Namco Entertainment released in 2018. Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, and Yu-Gi-Oh! characters are included in the game, which is based on the well-known Shonen Jump manga series. In 3v3 tag team bouts, players are pitted against their favorite characters and must use a variety of special attacks and abilities.

Jump Force Iso Roms for the PlayStation Portable were made available on October 12th, 2018. The features of the entire console release are all there in this version, which has been scaled down for the smaller platform. It has local multiplayer and internet coop/versus modes and over 50 playable characters drawn from all Shonen Jump series. Intense battles can be had with your pals thanks to the game’s local coop support for up to 4 players!

Jump Force PSP ISO Features

Jump Force PPSSPP ISO Zip File
Jump Force PSP
Jump Force PPSSPP

Jump Force’s PPSSPP version has a number of extra, unique features that improve the overall gaming experience.

  1. Excellent graphics: Jump Force’s use of PPSSPP gives gamers access to amazing visuals on portable devices. By doing this, they may maximize their gaming experience without sacrificing graphics quality or performance.
  2. Jump Force, a realistic motion picture The Ppsspp iso file offers gripping dramatic combat with lifelike settings and characters. The action-packed narrative of the game is vividly brought to life in these cinematics.
  3. Voiceovers: Jump Force makes use of the PPSSPP’s audio functionality and includes all English speech, which gives gamers an additional level of immersion. The game’s narrative is also simpler to follow because to this feature.
  4. Support for Multiple Platforms: Jump Force’s PPSSPP version may be played on a variety of gadgets, including Android smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. This enables players to enjoy the game from the convenience of their home computer or while on the go.
  5. Adjustable Controls: Players can adjust their controls to get the optimal configuration for them. This feature boosts gameplay efficiency and makes it simpler to get used to the game’s unusual controls.

With its updated graphics, cinematic combat, full English language, compatibility for several platforms, and adjustable controls, Jump Force PPSSPP provides a better gaming experience. Players may now fully immerse themselves in the distinct universe of Jump Force Ppsspp download file thanks to these improvements.

Jump Force PPSSPP Zip File Highly Compressed Android Gameplay

Fighting video game called Jump Force PPSSPP features figures from well-known manga series. Players can employ their favorite teams and characters in the fierce 3D battles that are offered. The game also features a special mechanism for building bespoke characters that enables players to assemble the ideal team to face any opponent. Story Mode, Online Versus, Survival Mode, and Free Battle Mode are among the game’s other modes.

In Jump Force PPSSPP, players can choose from more than 40 diverse characters, each of whom has their own specialties and moves and appears in a number of well-known manga series. The incredibly complex fighting system offers a wealth of combo and counter chances as well as deep strategic play. In order to get an advantage over rivals, players can also take advantage of natural features like walls and rocks.

Jump Force PSP Android Game Mode

Jump Force Ppsspp’s Game Mode features a variety of game modes to keep players occupied for hours.

Players can explore Jump Force PPSSPP Iso’s environment in the Story Mode while attempting to halt an interdimensional war from wreaking havoc on the entire planet. Characters from well-known manga and anime series, as well as other well-known individuals, can be controlled by the player as they advance through the plot and engage in combat with various groups of adversaries. Each character also has special skills that might assist them win battles.

Players compete in the Arcade Mode against bosses and characters that are produced at random for rewards like new titles and stuff. They may also participate in unique battles with particular requirements or difficulties that grant extra experience.

  • Players can challenge one another in local or online combat using the Versus Mode. Players have the option to personalize their assaults, choose a team of characters, and change the match’s rules to suit their tastes.
  • Players can practice with AI opponents in Practice Mode to sharpen their abilities and get stronger at the game. Additionally, players can practice any methods they want to utilize in online games.
  • Finally, there is an online mode where players can engage in combat with local or international opponents. Players can compare their numbers and keep track of their ranks on leaderboards in this mode.

Online/Offline Play

You play a novice fighter who is selected to join the “Jump Force,” an elite organization of fighters, in Jump Force PSP. Your goal is to save humanity from a mysterious new foe that is endangering our planet. To stop the destruction of Earth, you must fight against strong villains and bizarre beasts.

You will meet new allies along the road, unearth ancient mysteries, and obtain amazing powers that will enable you to defeat the forces of evil. Before embarking on the ultimate challenge—facing off against the evil mastermind behind it all—you must first overcome powerful bosses in spectacular showdowns using your newly acquired skills. In the end, your success or failure might determine what happens to all of humanity.

Options for character customization in the game

  1. Game variants: The Jump Force game mode features a number of different game variants. A story-driven campaign, difficult side objectives, and even online competitions are all available to players. The game also has custom lobby areas where users may set their own rules and invite friends to join them in lighthearted competition.
  2. Characters: Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, Yu Yu Hakusho, and many other well-known manga and anime series are represented among the characters that may be found in the Jump Force Zip File. Players can construct combatants that are distinctively theirs by dressing their characters up in a variety of outfits and accessories.
  3. Character Customization: Players can change their fighting style, special abilities, and stats in addition to their choice of attire. To design their ideal character, players can select from a variety of battle methods, such as martial arts, sword fighting, or magical skills. As they advance in the game, players gain points that may be spent on new outfits and accessories for more customization possibilities.
  4. Stages: Jump Force’s stages include varying degrees of environmental interaction, which gives the game another layer of strategy. For instance, players can use ambient elements to their advantage to outwit rivals or seek cover when necessary. The stage itself may also sustain damage from some strikes, making the field of battle constantly shifting and keeping players on their toes.
  5. Online Multiplayer: Using the Player versus. Player or CPU modes, participants can engage in frantic combat with one another in this mode. others can join public matches where they can compete against others from across the world or create private lobbies with their own rules. Jump Force caters to all fans of fighting games with its extensive options and competitive action.

How To Download Jump Force PPSSPP ISO Zip File Highly Compressed

  1. Download a PSP Gold or PPSSPP emulator first (link is below).
  2. Download the Jump Force PPSSPP compressed Zip ISO file right away.
  3. The Zip file should then be extracted using any file extractor, such as Decompressor or Zarchiever.
  4. Your ISO file is now available. Upon extraction, launch the PSP emulator.
  5. Play the game by clicking it.


Overall, Jump Force PSP is a cutting-edge and distinctive game that has the ability to enthrall both seasoned fighters and amateurs. Jump Force Ppsspp iso file highly compressed offers a large range of characters and a variety of gaming modes that make for an incredible time for those seeking an exciting and action-packed encounter. This fantastic game is made even better by the high-quality graphics, tangible rewards, and fun gameplay.

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