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How To Play iOS Games On PC | iOS Emulator For Windows

iOS Emulator for Windows 10 and 11 are trending everywhere around the world because a lot of people who don’t own an iOS device want to play iOS-based games and use iOS apps like IGTools APK. Recently, we came across such games that are available only for iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and not for any other OS devices.

A situation like this happens when a developer makes OS-specific games, and it keeps the gamers in confusion about how to play that particular game on other devices. Games that are available only for Android can be downloaded and played as an APK file, but it is not the same as the games and apps for iOS devices.

iOS Emulator For Windows

There are a lot of people out there who are searching for ways to play Apple apps on PC, and if you are among them, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about how to play iOS games on PC. Remember that you don’t really need an iOS device to get the work done because many people can’t afford to buy an iOS device.

Remember that we are not talking about the ways to play iOS games on PC BlueStacks because it is not an iOS Emulator for React native Windows and will not run games and apps made specifically for iOS devices. There are a lot of programs to play iOS games on PC free available out there, and you can download them to get the work done. Read this post till the end to learn how to play iPhone games on PC without paying a single penny.

How To Play iOS Games On PC | Run Apple Games On Windows

1. iPadian iOS Emulator


iPadian is currently one of the most popular iPadian iOS Emulator for Windows 10. By using this app, you will be able to play almost all types of games like 8 Ball Pool and run iOS apps without any worries. This iOS emulator for Windows will bring the complete iOS interface to your Windows device. More than 1000 apps and games can be downloaded right from its app store to run them on your Windows.

This emulator is not free and costs around $25. If you are thinking of playing iOS games on Windows PC, then you can’t find anything better than this app. Remember that you will not be able to use iMessage on this emulator, but other apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Spotify, and popular games like Crossy Road, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, etc. can be played without any worries.

2. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator

Even though Air iPhone Emulator is being used by app developers to test their apps before releasing them on the app store, still, you can use this app to play iOS games on PC without any worries. Air iPhone Emulator will bring the iPhone’s interface to your Windows PC, and then you can use the app store to download apps and games on your Windows PC.

Remember that this app works only with Adobe Air, so make sure you have Adobe Air installed on your PC before you download it. If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use iOS Emulator for PC with app store, then you should definitely try this app. Air iPhone Emulator is free, and that is why a lot of people find this emulator useful. However, some apps or games might not work properly on this emulator, so don’t forget to try other iOS app Emulator for Windows 10 as well.

3. SmartFace

SmartFace Emulator

SmartFace is another iOS Emulator for VSCode Windows that can be used to play iOS games on PC. If you are thinking, is it possible to play iOS games on PC using SmartFace, then the answer is yes, you can do that. Since this software is highly-advanced, people who don’t have much knowledge of the development software can’t use it to play iOS games on Windows.

The best thing about SmartFace is that it is able to render every type of iOS app and game. From classic to the latest released iOS games, you can run every type of iOS app after doing Smartface iOS Emulator for Windows download. To use this emulator, you will have to Request access to the software by entering your email, phone number, and usage purpose on the website. A link to access the software will be sent to you right away.

4. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio

How to play iPhone apps on PC has always been in the top searches around the world, and that is why in the year 2009, MobiOne Studio came into existence. More than a million people downloaded this iOS Emulator for PC Windows 10 in the first month of its release. If you want to download MobiOne Studio, then you will have to do it from a third-party website, as the official website has been taken down.

Right now, the developers have discontinued the support for the MobiOne Studio iOS 15 Emulator for Windows, but you can still download it to try iOS games like God of War 2 ISO and apps on it. Remember that if you are facing issues with this software, then we will recommend you to use some other emulator as there is no support or updates available for this emulator.

5. Emulator Emulator Emulator is currently among the best iOS emulator for PC, and millions of people are using it to run iOS apps and games on their Windows PC. You do iOS Emulator download and then upload your app on their website or use their API and then use it online for an unlimited time. The best thing here is that you can also embed that app into your website to let other people use it.

From developers to individuals, everyone can use this emulator to run iOS apps on PC. There are many advantages to using it, and if you are looking for an iOS development platform, then you can buy their paid packages. The free version allows you to try any app for 1 minute, but if you upload your own app, then you can use it without any limits.

6. Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is an iOS web development tool that is being used by professional app developers to test their apps like Foxi APK. This is one of the best Windows-friendly iOS emulators that can be used to run almost all types of iOS apps and games on Windows PC without any worries. You can use the layout of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch according to your needs.

This is actually a paid software that costs around $39.99 for a lifetime license, but you can enjoy a 7-day free trial to test it out. The best benefit of using this iOS emulator for Windows is that you can load app files in it to install them manually. Also, you can easily switch between different iOS devices and browsers from the settings menu to get the best display result.

7. Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight was developed by an independent developer as an open-source best iOS Emulator for Windows Flutter, but now Apple Inc. owns this emulator. So you can download the TestFlight emulator without thinking twice, as the software and updates are coming right from Apple itself. It is currently one of the most popular and secure iOS emulators for Windows PC.

Remember that TestFlight might not be suitable for everyone as this app requires some technical knowledge. If you are an iOS developer, then you can use this emulator without any worries. Remember that the TestFlight iOS device Emulator for Windows is able to run only apps and games that are made for iOS devices running on iOS 8.0 or later versions.

8. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator was launched for people who want to try out iOS devices before buying an actual device. Also, a lot of app developers were using this iPhone Simulator to test their apps before making them public since you can do iOS Emulator for Windows 11 download. This simulator can only provide the interface of iPhone devices and not other iOS devices like iPad or iPod Touch.

Recently news came out that the official developers of this iOS simulator are taking this app down. Right now, you will be able to download iPhone Simulator only for third-party websites like Softonic, Software Informer, Softpedia, etc. Do not try to download iPhone Simulator from unofficial or untrustworthy websites, as you might end up downloading some fake apps.

9. Mame Emulator

Mame Emulator

Mame is not a standalone iOS Emulator for PC to play games like GTA 5 PPSSPP, but it comes as an app that can be installed on Android emulators to play iOS games on PC. You can use Android emulators like BlueStacks or Nox App Player and then install the Mame iOS emulator app on it to play iOS games on your Windows PC.

The best thing about this iOS Emulator for PC like Bluestacks is that it is very lightweight and supports some of the classic iOS games that are not available anywhere right now. You can also load custom ROM in this iOS emulator for Windows, so if you are looking for ways to play old classic iOS games on PC, then this can help you in getting the work done.

10. Remoted iOS Simulator

Remoted iOS Simulator

The Remoted iOS Simulator might not be as popular as other free iOS Emulator for Windows 10 react native apps out there, but if you are looking for a simple and free iOS simulator for Windows, then you should definitely try Remoted iOS Simulator. You will need to download and install Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017 in your system to get this app automatically installed.

You might not be able to play every iOS game on PC using this Bluestacks iOS Emulator for Windows, but if you are thinking of playing some easy and low-end games like sudoku, snakes and ladders, 2048, tic-tac-toe, etc., then you can use this simulator without thinking twice. The best thing about Remoted iOS Simulator is that there are various configurable settings available in it for customization.

What Are iOS Emulator For Windows?

Before you do Apple iOS Emulator for Windows 10 free download to play iOS games on PC, you must know what they are and how they work. iOS and Android Emulator for Windows are basically software that enables another operating system or device on your existing device. If you are using Windows and want to run iOS, Linux, Android, or any other operating system on it, then you can always do that with the help of an emulator.

The same goes for other operating systems, devices and games like the Camp With Mom iOS version. You can use Windows emulator players to run Windows on other operating systems like MAC, Linux, Android, or iOS. A lot of people use emulators to test other OS and devices that are available specifically only for those OS or devices. This is why a lot of people are searching for links to download iOS Emulator for Android Studio Windows.

Things To Consider Before Running iOS Mobile Games On PC

Before you download any iPhone emulator for PC, you must be aware of some things to keep your device secure from unwanted access. If you are searching is there a way to play iOS games on PC, then you must read the points mentioned below before downloading or using any iOS iPad Emulator for Windows 10 PC for playing games or using the apps.

  • Do not download or install any iOS emulator for Windows from unofficial sources.
  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the iOS emulator.
  • iOS devices or emulators can run files only with .IPA extension.
  • Do not enter your personal or banking information in any emulator.
  • Not all iOS games and apps with iOS emulators.

Final Words

So this is how to play iOS games on PC Windows 10, and we hope now you know how you can play iOS games on PC. There are many iOS Emulator online and tools available out there that allow you to play iPad games on PC but beware of the fake tools and Flutter iOS Emulator for Windows as they may be unsafe to use. You must use only the iOS emulators for PC mentioned on this page as they are completely safe and free.

We will keep this post updated with more ways to run iOS games for PC, so keep visiting Techy Kite to know about them. If you know about any other working ways to play iOS mobile games on PC, then let us know about them so we can add those methods to this list. If you are facing any issues in using the iPhone emulator for Windows, then you can ask us for help via the comments below.

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